My first miniature project was a house started in September 1999.  I did a lot of experimenting on it as it was most definitely a learning experience!  To this day, I still add small items every now and then when something catches my eye or imagination.  But for the most part, everything you are about to see was done before December 2000.

One recurring theme throughout this house (and continuing with the rest of my projects to date) is that I made a majority of the furnishings myself.  My husband taught me how to use a caliper, and I was pretty much unstoppable after that!   I now experience more enjoyment out of making furniture and household items myself than buying them.

This house was entered in the House Category at the 2003 Indianapolis Museum of Miniatures Show and won 2nd Place.  It was the first award I'd ever received for any of my miniature work, and I'm very proud of it!

Centracchio House was featured in the
February 2005 issue of American Miniaturist

Front/Outside of the House

Second floor balcony.

See the black and white cat in the bedroom window with his hand in the fish bowl?  Trying to get himself a little treat, no doubt!

Black and white cats are found all over both inside and outside the house; they look just like my kitty, Moonlight, who serves as building inspector/quality control supervisor on all my miniature projects.  :)

A close up of the left side of the second floor balcony.

Now you can see the kitty trying to get himself a tasty snack.  :)  There's a mama cat and her kittens relaxing on the chair, and a squirrel sitting on the railing trying to get at the bowl of nuts!

First floor.  There's a black and white cat welcoming you on the porch, and a bird feeder and fern hanging from the top of the porch.  The trellises were made by my husband, and the window flower boxes with flowers by me.  The mat at the front door is a little different than most:  it says "Go Away" rather than "Welcome".  :)

The American flag was added after September 11, 2001.

A close up of the bird feeder and window flower box.

The left side of the house.  A black and white cat on the porch swing (I bought the swing; my husband made the frame that holds it!).  There's a small dove on the frame.  The pond was a kit.  Toward the back of the house is a water pump, a hose and a few other lawn care tools.  The ducks and geese seem to enjoy this side of the house... as does the little frog in the pond.

The right side of the house.  I made the picnic table and benches by hand.  If you look closely, you'll see an electric meter on the side of the house next to the barbeque grill.  And of course a black and white cat stretched out on the bench... and a small squirrel on the other bench!


The top floor has 3 rooms:  the bathroom, boys bedroom, and laundry room.

The boy's bedroom is a tribute to Rusty Wallace, my NASCAR "hero".  I made the bedspread via an iron-on transfer which I designed on the computer.  The computer screen has NASCAR.COM on it, and the TV shows Rusty Wallace in the lead of a race on ESPN.  I built the stereo stand that the TV is sitting on; I had one exactly like it in my bedroom when I was younger!  I also made the desk that the computer is sitting on, as well as the aquarium stand.

Can you see the black and white kitty "marking" the nightstand?  :)

The laundry room.

The middle floor has 2 rooms:  the girl's bedroom and master bedroom.

The girl's bedroom.  I made the bed and bed linens, dresser, make-up table and make-up chair.  Posters of the British rock group Def Leppard and their bass player Rick Savage adorn the walls.  And I know you can see who's sleeping on the bed...

A better view of the dresser...

...and a better view of the make-up table and chair!

The master bedroom.

I made the night stands and bedding, as well as the large dresser against the wall.  There are Popular Electronics magazines I made on the nightstand.

You can get a better view of the larger dresser in this photo.  I made the railing on the staircase; I didn't want a "hole in the floor", so I encased it.  I made the make-up table and seat, as well as the Thomas Kinkade painting and the flowers in the vase.  And just look who's fighting on the floor!

The bottom floor has 2 rooms:  the kitchen and living room.

The kitchen.

I built both upper and lower cabinets, as well as the table.  The refrigerator was a kit.  Someone is climbing on the fridge...

I made the table and napkin holder.  My husband made the fruit.

Oh, no!  It looks like the dog has had a little accident... ;)

h The living room.  The couch had different fabric on it, so I took it apart and "reupholstered" it.  I made both the coffee table and table by the window.  The grandfather clock was a kit.

The fireplace lights up!  And gee, those two people in the photo over the fireplace look vaguely familiar...

...more familiar people!  They are everywhere.  :)

Another view of the couch and staircase.

Thanks for checking our my very first miniature project!

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